Secret Stories began with the need of creating my own intimate world. Mostly because I don’t feel I belong to this reality, to this age. I called them Secret Stories because I try to tell a story with each picture that i make, my story, my most personal and secret sensations.

My artistic influences come from the great painters of 1700-1800. I love that Ages, when everything was made to be beautiful  and the decadentism when beauty are close connected with death.

Skulls are often present in my photos, as a memento of the desire of digging deeper and beyond the appearances, they’re the most true part of ourselves, they identify us, with no difference in sex, age, religion or way of thinking.

In my case, this is the most intimate representation of myself, which comes out (just for a moment) to peek into reality and see how it is evolving in the Woman I see myself. Every female subject in my Secret Stories represents me, why? Because a woman is definitely more beautiful and communicative.

I really love the pre-production of the shooting, the research of the objects, the clothes and the right model to embody what I have in mind, as well as the phase of creating ornaments and settings I love photography’s handwork (Behind every photos there are weeks of groundwork, from the conception of the shooting to the research of materials and the realization, and miles and miles looking for the perfect location, light tests, etc).

The first sensation I need to feel from a picture is the sense of wrapping/cosiness I want to feel wrapped-up into the image, in the environment, I want to feel safe in what I see, I want to go inside the shooting and stay there for as long as I wish, protected from everyone and everything Once I have the snapshot in my camera, the phase of post-production begins, in which I isolate myself for hours, in front of the computer’s monitor, looking for the shades and the additions that suit me best in that moment I am extremely instinctive in my photography The moment of the right shot comes only when the mood has got into a phase of tangent vibrations, when silence makes me deaf, when I am no longer thinking (about anything), when my model and I have no more need to talk to each other, because a glance is enough to communicate. Then the picture follows.